Toca Life: School App Reviews

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Good but...

It a great game because it shows kids that school can be fun and everyone can learn. But I would have added more outfits for the kids and a park other than the recess area. I also would add a hair styling thing to change a look.

Few tipss

Make toca city and toca school together, (only for the people who baught toca city) And actually make a gym, more classes, more houses... But this game is pretty cool


I still think it could use a hospital for checkups and it would be really cool if the characters could "get sick" or "have broken bones" or even have a doctors office so that a person in a wheelchair could have "physical therapy". Or if you didnt feel like doing that then you should make a toca hospital game with all of that stuff. Other than that, it is still really fun.


It would be cool to have a video maker where you can make videos like the ones in life weekly where you can add scenes, add music, add objects (kind of like the back to school haul), and add titles and characters. Also you can add the videos from toca life and also add recordings

Link to YouTube?!

Why on earth does a rip off clip of Freaky Friday play when the light bulb in the top corner is clicked?! It brings children to YouTube. I am very unimpressed and have deleted this app. My family has purchased most of the Toca Boca games to date and this one is our last.


asome game most addicting toca game ever! but when is the bundle comeing out?

Best Game Ever!

This game is amazing and I think you should add a gym


Well done, we are fans of what you do, keep on making wonderful apps.

Please Read (My Opinions)

Hi Toca Boca! Perhaps in the next update for Toca City you can put the tailor and make Canadians have it too? And for the next Toca Life perhaps maybe putting like a plane, a house with more than one floors, not just one house, a park, school and daycare, and a ski lodge so the people can ski and a store with winter clothes and more clothing options and a clothes shop and a hair salon and restaurant and little tablets for the Toca characters. Some stuff like that, Thanks. Btw, I love your guys creations! I havent purchased all but my cousin has them all and they are super fun! Anyway, have a great day/night.

Great update!

I love this update, but can you update toca life: town? Thatd be great! Thanks!


I loooove all the toca boca life games and im But i would legit pay 20.00$ to buy a game of all of them combined! P.s you guys should make a tocaboca: farm


Whenever I turn off my game my whole thing resets. Please fix!

Have a question but love it

What do you mean by new names on since t-shirt?


If tou read my review on Toca Life City you can read the problem. By the way i love the Toca Life games and im 12... I got them for my younger sister and i like the more than her anyway you should make a toca life farm



Really good!

Really good. Recommend for any age.


So I use to have this super glitch that would let me have the characters from toca city and school able to go to the other game! Example I could have a character from toca city and when I went into the toca school and looked at all the characters I would see that character too! Its such a cool glitch! If u have to u are blessed !


Please add more houses. And a park. Could you please make it so you can scroll through the world? That would be amazing!

Heres some suggestions

I think that you should be able to go in a car because there are keys in the house and they are not for anything and there would be a school bus for all the kids!!! I also think that you should add more people!! Like different crowds: nerds, jocks, populars, goths etc. Oh and please add more cheerleading costumes thank you for reading!, love this game!!!

Good game but...

It is a really awesome game but there needs to be more cheerleading outfits. My suggestion for this game is that there is more kids such as nerds,jocks,popular kids and cheerleaders. If you do this update I will make a 5 star rating and a review that says any person can play this game even if they are like 90 and they will still have tuns of fun and thats a promise and swag kitty glitter pants never breaks a promise. If you dont do this update I will go Hulk mode on you and write terrible reviews on this game so dont even think about not doing my suggestions. Think about swag kitty glitter pants and how much she would like it if you did this update.

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